For Golf Tournament Organizers

Welcome to WhyNotGolf! We are dedicated to helping charities and organizations who run golf tournaments save time and attract more golfers to their tournaments.  We know that running a golf tournament is not easy and the main focus should be getting as many players to the tournament as possible and maximizing the amount of money raised.

At WhyNotGolf, we help reduce the administrative time that it takes to run a golf tournament. With that time, the charity or organization will be able to spend it on getting more golfers or sponsorships.  If it is a tournament that is already packed to capacity every year, our software simply saves time and makes it easy for the organizer to manage payments and players on in our "player management" section. 

Another unique feature of WhyNotGolf is our ability to generate automatic charitable receipts for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations.  In the sign-up process for each tournament, any qualified charitable organization will be able to allow WhyNotGolf to send out automatic charitable receipts for them as people pay for their spots, donate or purchase any product on that tournament site. 

The main focus of WhyNotGolf is to help charities with the process of running their golf tournaments.  Whether with our website software or with our extensive network of golf connections, we are here to help golf tournaments be successful! 

If you are interested in hosting a tournament on, please give us a call for more information or click the button below to get started