Brent Haworth Founder/CEO

Brent is Founder and CEO of He worked 12 years as a financial advisor managing over $200 million in assets before starting WhyNotGolf. Brent brings his financial background to the golf industry with the goal of helping charities make more money while utilizing a better technology platform for running golf tournaments.

Brent graduated from Rollins College in 1999 and played 3 years of professional baseball in the Anaheim Angels’ minor league system. He lives in Orlando with his wife Maria.

Donovan Wells Co-Founder/CTO

Donovan is Co-Founder and CTO of He’s been a professional entrepreneur for 9 years. He’s owned and operated marketing companies, SEO firms and content networks before settling into development. He currently owns and operates Depeche Code, which is the highest rated web development firm in the Orlando area.

Donovan is from Seattle, WA and has been the lead singer in bands. He’s also been active in sports such as baseball and golf. He currently resides in the Orlando area.